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True Blood Never Lies

Winter, 2015: Leo, twenty-five years old, learns that his parents were both killed in a tragic car accident.

A whole part of his life ends.
A cruel loss of course, but when he discovers some documents his parents left him, he learns that his past is far from the ideal world his family displayed.


In the 1980s: Noemie and Sacha, Leo’s parents, decide to start a family.

Things don’t go as expected and several years pass, challenging their couple.


Leo decides to unravel the secrets of his real past.

A troubled story, one where each person had to pay a price.

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30 seconds before dying

Sometimes, only one second is enough to change some lives.

New York, 2018.
Sitting in a boarding room of La Guardia Airport, Tom Brady is looking at the other passengers, so many people who know nothing of his terrible Thanksgiving 2015.

Impossible to forget this infamous Thursday! A dark hectic, tense day that hides some frightful secrets but also a chilling, disturbing truth, whose roots draw much further from the past…

At this moment, Tom is far from imagining he only has thirty seconds left before dying.

Already more than 20,000 readers are on board for New York!

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8 more minutes of sunshine

An unexpected feel-good moment!

Jules is thirteen and knows that his fate is sealed … But Jules has a dream: to meet his lifelong idol, Roger Federer.

For that, he is ready to brave all the tests. Alone with his father, Jules will try to get to Wimbledon by bike. He knows that the tennis Maestro will soon end his career. In his heart, it’s this year … or never!

This road trip will also be, for the father and son, the means to rediscover oneself, to heal the wounds and the unspoken of the past …

An initiatory and redemptive journey, between a father and his son, facing the inexorable.

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Der Preis für ein Leben

Winter 2015: Der 25-jährige Léo erfährt vom tragischen Tod seiner beiden Eltern.

Ein ganzer Teil seines Lebens wird auf den Kopf gestellt.

Ein grausamer Verlust für Léo, der außerdem mit Hilfe von Dokumenten einer Vergangenheit nachspürt, die weit von dem Ideal entfernt ist, das diese kleine Familie verkörperte.


Die Achtzigerjahre: Der Kinderwunsch von Noémie und Sacha, Léos Eltern, bleibt zunächst unerfüllt.

Ein Unterfangen, das mehrere Jahre dauert und ihre Beziehung auf eine harte Probe stellt.


Léo macht sich auf die Suche nach den Geheimnissen seiner wahren Vergangenheit.

Eine verwickelte Geschichte, in der jeder einen Preis zahlen muss …

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